Yes, one person said they were a junkie

November 30, 2016 no comments Posted in mlm junkies

Okay people, how many in this group have joined ONE MLM (or maybe two) and haven’t gone from one to the other and on and on?

Steve, you get 99 posts that disprove what you say and one that supports it, so you grab on to the ONE that supports you and ignore the rest.

Try looking beyond yourself and looking at patterns that aren’t yours.

I’ve met at least one person on this forum, talked with others on the phone and am on good terms through email with a number more. I’ve had experience WORKING in treatment, as well as being in treatment (if you work in treatment, you WILL need treatment yourself at some point). I’ve learned enough to be able to assess people and what they’re like.

There are many people here who have been in MLMs for different reasons and in many cases they had nothing to do with low self esteem, at least at the start.

Until you are willing to learn more than what you’re experience has taught you and to learn from other people’s experiences, you will continue to pound your head against a brick wall, just like you did with addiction. You have a chance to learn something here. Take it.

Or keep saying the same thing, getting hammered, and insisting you know more than everyone else. It just shows everyone the limits on what you do know.