This might sound crazy

May 14, 2017 no comments Posted in money, society

but I would suggest you join to see exactly the process of recruiting, motivation and maintenance! Join and set a deadline to quit, no matter what. I spent 5 years in Quixtar. Should have quit in the beginning. They sold me on exploding trend of online shopping, e-commerce, in late 1998.

I liked some of the teaching: financial conservatism, delayed gratification, importance of owning your own business, getting out of debt, saving or developing retirement income, retiring early, the prospects of ‘residual type’ income (interest, royalties, absentee business

I even liked the ‘Networking’ part; I always believed in “Who you know” being a big plus in business and in life; it is just having to get them to join money losing operations did not sit well with me.

The main problem is the merchandise; generally priced high to pay commissions, aggressive recruiting instead of sales and if you get ‘hooked’: “System” cds/tapes, seminars and travel.