This is a quick reminder and advice for everyone

March 5, 2017 no comments Posted in company fraud

Be aware of this company: QuestNet. It operated in different places under various branches but have the same terminology. MLM is same everywhere. However I joined with on of their representative, but later after she persuaded me to buy a ‘pendant’ online (a cosmtic item) I wanted a refund but she told the order has been made which i cannot cancel. Neither her or Quest support staff helped me but she orally said I have to accept (of course after she get her commission from Quest).
I advise you all not to support this company fraud scheme or let your friends join or attend any of their ‘seminars’, presentations, shows, offers, ..etc. Even if the person who invited you is your brother, sister, closest freind or else. There is no joke. This company operates mainly in the what so called ‘third world’ countries like in middle east, Malaysia, India and others.