I’d heard that Amway was starting up an online music business

July 5, 2017 no comments Posted in MLM

I’ve just come across their site. You have to hunt for the MLM angle, but I found it. Here’s an edited version. “We started FANISTA with the simple notion that, in a world of so much entertainment and so many sources of information about it, there had to be a better way for people to discover, share, and even buy entertainment ….And we added to that mix the even crazier idea that people should be rewarded, in real ways, for doing what it is we all love doing. We’re confident that once you spend a few minutes understanding what FANISTA offers, you’ll realize that it is a great way to take what you’re already doing in the offline world – telling the people you come in contact with on a daily basis what you love, and why – and moving that universal behavior online in a way that allows your voice to be amplified. Think of it as a way to rely on your most trusted friend as you walk down the aisle of your favorite entertainment store (real or virtual); better yet, become one of those trusted experts yourself! …. Once we do a wider release, you’ll be able to bring other people to the site. If they follow your lead and use it for at least some of their entertainment purchases, you might be able to rack up some commissions – which you can use to buy more stuff yourself, to get a check from us, or to donate money to a range of charities. It’s all part of our belief that, beyond the fact that there ought to be a better way to distribute entertainment and a bigger community to be built among us entertainment enthusiasts, there also ought to be a way to reward people for doing what we all seem to do so naturally: championing the entertainment we love the most, and telling people why.”

Sounds harmless, doesn’t it?