I still have to question that….

October 15, 2016 no comments Posted in MLM

sure there are some that have that low self esteem but face it we are all out for the almighty dollar, I know I was. For me the idea of having that “disposable” income would mean I could take care of my mom as she gets older and take her traveling around the world which is something she loves. I was a prime target, smart, young, single, no kids and they swooped in. That first meeting I’ll never forget it you know you have to get there early to “get a good seat” only later to learn that’s part of their “plan”. When they spun those dreams of gold, spending more time with family etc. Then they come around asking what would you do if you had this much money for some folks they dream of fancy cars and for the younger folks like me we all wanted to take care of our parents. That question right there is what plants that seed for the MLM and makes you think….just “what if” this really works. Then you say “Well, I’ll try it I don’t have
anything to lose”. The more I think about it the more I realize how smart they really are.

In these days it’s tough out there in corporate America and it’s especially tough for those “targets” which are usually people in college or those that have just graduated or young couples. I really feel many of the younger folks 20’s, 30’s do it because of the promise of that American Dream that is dangled before you. I don’t think it always has something to with a low self esteem in the beginning. Maybe after a while your self esteem has taken a beating within the mlm then yes I can see it becoming a problem. This is something I can see more so when you have stayed in and failed you keep trying harder and harder with no change in results. Of course that would affect your self esteem if you kept feeling like a failure. They will even tell you this. “Just keep showing the plan” “Don’t be a loser” etc.

I will say I never fully “sold out to the business” because I have too many “distractions”. And I’ve always been very private and a very independant woman. They don’t like those characteristics too much. There are some things I won’t give up regardless of what’s at stake. No matter how strong you are going in they will break you down or at least try. They will try to consume your life every waking minute with that MLM….hence the whole 9 steps (which I don’t remember) but i know they say Listen, Read, Associate etc..they lead you on as if you are their friends and only wanting the best for you. Essentially you begin to look at the organization through rose colored glasses. I fully believe we are most affected by our peers, they influence our decisions to some extent. If these people in a MLM are all you associate…..I think we all know where that leads, especially if you are around the “fake it til you make it” group.

Steve if you have never been involved you may never understand why your first comments were met with such hostility. What I’m trying to say is I really don’t think a low/damaged self esteem is what causes a lot of people to get involved. I do feel it is a direct result or affect of the badgering you get while involved.

On another note I just found a whole case load of cds I got from them and never listened to….what should I do with them? Could they help anyone’s research? I briefly thought about Ebay but I really don’t want to contribute to anyone’s brainwashing.