I searched for quite a while before finding this site

September 3, 2016 no comments Posted in MLM, money

When I googled Quixtar Scams I was amazed to find that there are 87 pages of web sites. Most of the sites I went to had MLMs defending thier business, bashing “negative” people, trying to pursuade other MLMs of better ways to bild their down lines, or to sell their brand of power drinks and energy bars, etc. I kept looking for a support group because I figured there has to be others that are having a hard time dealing with loved ones involved in these kind of schemes.

My son has been involved in Quixtar for over three years. Other an working, most of his time spent recruiting and with his upline. Friends, going out and other interests are a thing of the past. To me, this isn’t normal for a young man in his early 20s.

I don’t understand how Quixtar people call themselves Indepentent Business Owners. I don’t know of any other business that councils people on every aspect of their personal lives–relationships, financial, religion, or any decision process. I once asked my son ‘what credentcials do they have to council you on anything?’ And recently when he had the opportunity for advancement at the company he works for I told him ‘you don’t need to talk to your upline, you’re capeable of making the decision on your own.’

Truthfully, from the things my son has told me and from the things I have read (books and online) all I can see are RED FLAGS! I do see Quixtar as being a cult and I believe these people are being brainwashed. I have a great deal of anxiety about this.

Thank you for providing this site. It is helpful to at least know that I’m not alone.