I keep seeing people refer to themselves as “mlm junkies”

October 5, 2016 no comments Posted in mlm junkies

I made some comments a while back about mlm and addiction – and got roasted for suggesting that mlm ‘use’ (like drug use) was a coping strategy of people with low or damaged self-esteem. My comments were seen as unhelpful generalisations, lacking in empathy and somewhat insulting to the innocent ‘victims’ of mlm – all of whom, supposedly had healthy self-esteem that was then destroyed by the evil of mlm.

I am totally anti-mlm. In the UK, I actively do what I can to expose the side of the argument that pro-mlmers want to keep hidden from their prospects.

I also have experience of addiction – having, like countless millions, been a ‘junkie’ using cigarettes, cannabis and alcohol throughout the larger part of my life until I decided to quit it all some 3 years ago. For me, those substances were a ‘self-medication’ for a pain; a discomfort – an agonising lack of self-worth and self-esteem.

In addiction, the drug isn’t to blame for the users’ lack of self-esteem. Sure, it helps to make it worse. But the drug is the ‘medication’ to deal with the inner emptiness, the pain the addict already feels.

I’ve spent a few years watching and researching all kinds of mlms, reading the testimony of people who have been in mlms (such as this site) and gaining direct experience of mlm people. Countless people have described themselves as being ‘mlm junkies’ and if there’s one common pattern I’ve seen, it’s that most serial mlm-ers behave like addicts or ‘gamblers’ (addicts by another name).

Like addicts, ‘mlm junkies’ search for a ‘fix’ in mlm, don’t find it, feel more ashamed and in pain, and keep searching for another mlm to fix that pain. Despite all the evidence to the contrary, the ‘mlm junkie’ retains a core belief that there IS one mlm out there that will fix him / her.

In previous posts, I suggested that rather than being responsible for creating poor self-esteem in serial mlmers, just maybe mlm was set up to exploit what was already there. That caused a bit of a reaction.
Maybe that’s hard to stomach because it’s much easier to someone to be a victim of mlm in the same way that it would be much easier to blame my using chemicals on the dealers who sold them to me; or the bar or the supermarket.

Why am I posting again about this? Because like any addiction, unless people take responsibility for what drives them to use ‘stuff’ as a way to avoid facing their inner pain, the industry (drugs, gambling or mlm) will continue to thrive. This morning, I picked up two more posts here saying ‘I’m a mlm junkie’ – and the response from the forum, once again, was ‘It has nothing to do with you – you are the victim of evil people’.