I don’t have answers to the specific questions you asked

June 24, 2017 no comments Posted in company fraud, MLM

but want to wish you well in law school. When I attended (more than 20 years ago!), many law students started out with high ideals about making the world a better place. Over the next 3 years, most of them were funneled into traditional legal careers, in part to pay their student loans, in part due to their competitiveness in wanting to get the plum jobs at the big law firms. I hope things have changed, and that you will be able to channel your anti-MLM fervor into a career fighting MLM abuses. It would be great to have more people in government agencies and law firms who understand how these things really work and want to do something about it.

While in school, keep in mind that there are many avenues open to lawyers other than the traditional law firm path. I spent several years teaching business law and consumer finance at the local community college, and used part of those classes to teach about legitimate businesses versus illegal pyramid schemes. Since opening my own practice a couple of years ago, I’ve put out newsletters, at least one of which focused on MLMs.

Best of luck to you in whatever path you choose!