Here’s a point:

October 17, 2016 no comments Posted in MLM, money

You’re complaining that people said you were generalizing, then you generalize and say all MLM victims have a healthy self-esteem.
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Yes you will keep getting roasted if you keep generalizing, especially about many of the people who are in this forum. Does it occur to you that you’re essentially coming into a forum and saying, “You’re messed up, or you were. Here’s why and I know all about you and what’s in your mind and none of you do” ?

Yes, there are junkies and MLM addicts, but that does not make all victims fall in that category. One thing I learned while working in treatment is that you can’t make such generalizations. I worked with a lot of teens who had been on drugs. I can’t say, “All the druggies I worked with had low self esteem so they took drugs.” I can’t say, “They all did it out of peer pressure.” I can’t say, “They all did it because they were bored and there was nothing else for a teen on a backwater military base to do.”

People are complex and do things for many reasons. Just as teens do drugs for different reasons, people do MLMs for different reasons. From what I’ve seen, only a few do it because of low self esteem.