Let me tell you my story

May 7, 2016 no comments Posted in my job

My daughter got involved in Quixtar a couple years ago. I had my reservations from the beginning especially when I found out they were a part of Amway even though she told me, “It’s not Amway, Mom.” I had once been approached nearly 30 years ago by a brother-in-law who was just getting involved in Amway at that time, luckily my husband and I saw no merit in the plan at that time and we still see no merit in the Quixtar plan. However, being a good mom and not wanting to alienate my daughter, I held my tongue, kept my reservations and supported her without approving of the “business” she was involved in. The first year went by. I did her taxes (I used to be a tax preparer). She had a $5,000 loss and had only earned less than $500. Not good at all her in father’s eyes, especially when he found out that the bulk of her loss had to do with the motivational junk and “meetings” that she had attended over the past year. His comment was, if she had invested the $5,000 she would be much richer today.

Move ahead midway through the second year. She called me in tears one afternoon because she was so distraught she could no longer make her payments (credit card, car, student loan… yes, she is a college graduate with a good paying job.) She cried when she told me she was going to have to get rid of her car and get something much cheaper because she couldn’t make her payments. I told her that was her choice, if she needed to do that. I can still hear her voice, in tears, “But I don’t want to get rid of my car!” So, I did what any good mother would do. I offered to help her. However, I had one stipulation. There was no way I was giving her money if she was going to continue throwing away money on the Quixtar business junk. She agreed. She even told me that she had already paid $150 for her semi-annual “meeting” ticket but she was not going to be able to go since she couldn’t afford the gas, hotel, meals, etc. to go. I told her it was better to lose $150 at this time than continue throwing money at something that was making her broke. She agreed that was true.

She still has her IBO, she told me that she likes some of the products and she still buys them. Ok, at this time I can accept that. I did her taxes this last year, she earned about $500 and her loss was about $3,000, since she spent part of the year still buying the “business” junk.

There are so many people that take advantage of the poor souls that get involved in Quixtar. Not just the Motivational people, but there are so many other “services’ that have sprung up (answering service, etc.) that everyone convinces you, you must have to operate your business. (YOUR business, that makes my husband laugh, more like THEIR business since they’re taking all your money!) In fact, there even is a tax preparer in the Grand Rapids area who advertises himself to be an “expert” in preparing IBO’s returns and all it costs is $350. Huh? H&R Block will get you the same refund and charge much, much less.

Smoke and mirrors, dreams that can’t come true. If a person really wants to make money and retire early, they’d be much better off learning how to invest their money instead of throwing it away on a pipe dream like Quixtar and they’d do much better.

Hal said I should fill everyone in on how my daughter is doing today. She tells me she’s working to be credit card debt free in less than a year and totally debt free (except for maybe a house payment) in a couple years. She’s happier and more like her old self. At one point in the Quixtar cult, she was selling all her CDs and DVDs to get money (not that you can get much for them) but this last Christmas her gift list included many CD and DVD choices. After she had been into Quixtar for about a year, I asked if maybe she’d like a new bigger screen TV for Christmas (she only had a small 19″ TV) and at that time she told me that no, they never watched TV so it would be a waste of money (another Quackstar brainwashing tactic, they discourage them from watching TV or keeping up with events in the world), this last Christmas she was very happy and pleased to receive a 25″ color TV from her dad and I. She and one of her roommates spend a lot of time watching the MacGyver Series DVDs I also gave her. She still wants to find a different job, she’s not happy with the one she has, which is how I think it became so easy to suck her into the Quackstar lies, and she’s been checking into other choices. J.O.B.s REAL jobs.

While I’d like her to cut the ties completely, I’m just glad that she’s doing so much better and she’s no longer throwing money away on all that junk.