This might sound crazy

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but I would suggest you join to see exactly the process of recruiting, motivation and maintenance! Join and set a deadline to quit, no matter what. I spent 5 years in Quixtar. Should have quit in the beginning. They sold me on exploding trend of online shopping, e-commerce, in late 1998.

I liked some of the teaching: financial conservatism, delayed gratification, importance of owning your own business, getting out of debt, saving or developing retirement income, retiring early, the prospects of ‘residual type’ income (interest, royalties, absentee business

I even liked the ‘Networking’ part; I always believed in “Who you know” being a big plus in business and in life; it is just having to get them to join money losing operations did not sit well with me.

The main problem is the merchandise; generally priced high to pay commissions, aggressive recruiting instead of sales and if you get ‘hooked’: “System” cds/tapes, seminars and travel.

And remember, that is what is true for you, not for others

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You’ve missed the point from the start: YOU ARE GENERALIZING and people do things for many different reasons. You know SOME of the reasons you were addicted, but from what you say, that does not mean you know ALL the reasons you were addicted.

That’s one simple way of explaining it for some people, but not for everyone.

Now I know I’ve not seen the whole cross-section of these forum, but you’re saying countless people describe themselves that way, but you’re ignoring that many people do not. You’re talking about ONE GROUP of people in MLMs, not ALL GROUPS and not ALL PEOPLE.

Steve, I’m not in an MLM, have never been, at least officially (I was associated with a few guys in Amway back in college for a bout a week, then decided I just wasn’t excited about any of it). I have nothing to lose if you’re right and guess what — YOU’RE WRONG.

You are saying that because it caused a reaction, it means it hit close to the bone.

Here’s a point:

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You’re complaining that people said you were generalizing, then you generalize and say all MLM victims have a healthy self-esteem.
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Yes you will keep getting roasted if you keep generalizing, especially about many of the people who are in this forum. Does it occur to you that you’re essentially coming into a forum and saying, “You’re messed up, or you were. Here’s why and I know all about you and what’s in your mind and none of you do” ?

Yes, there are junkies and MLM addicts, but that does not make all victims fall in that category. One thing I learned while working in treatment is that you can’t make such generalizations. I worked with a lot of teens who had been on drugs. I can’t say, “All the druggies I worked with had low self esteem so they took drugs.” I can’t say, “They all did it out of peer pressure.” I can’t say, “They all did it because they were bored and there was nothing else for a teen on a backwater military base to do.”

People are complex and do things for many reasons. Just as teens do drugs for different reasons, people do MLMs for different reasons. From what I’ve seen, only a few do it because of low self esteem.

I searched for quite a while before finding this site

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When I googled Quixtar Scams I was amazed to find that there are 87 pages of web sites. Most of the sites I went to had MLMs defending thier business, bashing “negative” people, trying to pursuade other MLMs of better ways to bild their down lines, or to sell their brand of power drinks and energy bars, etc. I kept looking for a support group because I figured there has to be others that are having a hard time dealing with loved ones involved in these kind of schemes.

My son has been involved in Quixtar for over three years. Other an working, most of his time spent recruiting and with his upline. Friends, going out and other interests are a thing of the past. To me, this isn’t normal for a young man in his early 20s.

I don’t understand how Quixtar people call themselves Indepentent Business Owners. I don’t know of any other business that councils people on every aspect of their personal lives–relationships, financial, religion, or any decision process. I once asked my son ‘what credentcials do they have to council you on anything?’ And recently when he had the opportunity for advancement at the company he works for I told him ‘you don’t need to talk to your upline, you’re capeable of making the decision on your own.’

Truthfully, from the things my son has told me and from the things I have read (books and online) all I can see are RED FLAGS! I do see Quixtar as being a cult and I believe these people are being brainwashed. I have a great deal of anxiety about this.

Thank you for providing this site. It is helpful to at least know that I’m not alone.