I can really empathize

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When I started MLM, I had a lot of things I was involved in. Interesting how network marketing just eats up your life, your spare time, your friendships, and your relationships, isn’t it?

I withdrew for about 4 months after I quit ACN, and since then, I’ve only slowly been getting out and having a life again. Personally, I recruited about 10 – 12 people, and I’m not sure what to say to them.
I’ve tried to pay a few of them back…unfortunately, I’m not exactly rolling in the dough right now…which is also partly due to ACN.

Everyone can be misled. Network marketing/MLM companies prey upon the good intentions we have towards others, and our desires for ourselves.
What is important is learning from this, picking ourselves up, and moving forward.

I, personally, really have to thank my church and pastor for helping me through all that went on after I quit. Finding something like that may be a good idea.

No, it’s just good old-fashioned addiction

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Actually, what Terence Real calls ‘self-medication’ in his amazing book ‘I don’t want to talk about it – the secret legacy of male depression’ (I think that’s the title!).

Anyone on here who’s done more than 1 mlm NOT recognise themselves in that post?

Tom, your post says everything I’ve been trying to say in my posts here.

If you stop MLM, you’ll use something else. Alcholol, drugs, porn, gambling, work, cars, sports…

You have to take responsibility for the pain that’s underneath this insane craving to find a fix.


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It causes a reaction because such a blanket statement, generalizing over everyone because of what one group says, and that just does not work.

Yes, you’ve been through a rough experience and learned a lot. You’re also doing what I’ve seen many of the kids I worked with in treatment do and what I’ve seen adults do when they go through something like this and learn a lot. You’ve gained a tremendous insight into humanity and human nature, but that does not mean that you know it all. You do not know everything about addiction or poor self esteem.

You only know well what led to YOUR addiction. You are also comparing MLMs to substances and the dynamic is quite different. Pot doesn’t come up to someone and say, “I can help you help others.” MLMs do that. MLMs create illusions and hide behind a smokescreen that pot and alcohol and other drugs do not.

Here’s a bit of homework for you: Find the Roseanne episode titled “My Name is Bev.” In it Beverly, Roseanne’s Mother, is arrested and has to go to an AA meeting. After the meeting, she tells Roseanne that now she realizes she is an alcoholic and that’s her trouble. Then Bev goes around and tells everyone how they use alcohol as a crutch. She tells them they can’t have a good time without drinking and that they’re all alcoholics. Dan can’t have his friends over to see the Superbowl and have a keg because Bev says he needs to have fun without the booze.

She takes her problem and her situation and projects it onto everyone else. Because she uses alcohol as a crutch (or thinks she does), then in her eyes, everyone who drinks at all must do the same thing.

Did you learn about projection as you were dealing with these addictions? It’s when people project their own issues or problems or attitudes on others instead of accepting that it’s in them only.

YOU ARE PROJECTING. You are saying, “I learned this and it’s true, so this is what the deal is with you.” That doesn’t work. You’ve learned part of the story, but now are insisting what’s true for you is true for all. That is not the case and the more you insist the more you are saying, “I know this one thing, and it explains it all” and making it clear that your knowledge has limits and that you either can’t or don’t want to look beyond those limits.

And remember, that is what is true for you, not for others

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You’ve missed the point from the start: YOU ARE GENERALIZING and people do things for many different reasons. You know SOME of the reasons you were addicted, but from what you say, that does not mean you know ALL the reasons you were addicted.

That’s one simple way of explaining it for some people, but not for everyone.

Now I know I’ve not seen the whole cross-section of these forum, but you’re saying countless people describe themselves that way, but you’re ignoring that many people do not. You’re talking about ONE GROUP of people in MLMs, not ALL GROUPS and not ALL PEOPLE.

Steve, I’m not in an MLM, have never been, at least officially (I was associated with a few guys in Amway back in college for a bout a week, then decided I just wasn’t excited about any of it). I have nothing to lose if you’re right and guess what — YOU’RE WRONG.

You are saying that because it caused a reaction, it means it hit close to the bone.

Thanks for the update, RoseLea

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I’m delighted to hear your daughter is making progress in disconnected from Quackstar. Hopefully she will soon realize she can get equivalent products at lower prices elsewhere.

I couldn’t help thinking as I was reading about your daughter how the marketing I was in would try to appeal to a person in a situation similar to hers. Our hook was offering products and services that helped people get out of debt. Only problem was that at the time they cost $75 per month (for the deluxe membership with rep status). Of course you wouldn’t join such an organization and keep it to yourself. You’d want to share it with all your friends…. help them get out of debt…

Really, it is sickening how these marketing businesses prey on people who are looking for a real solution to real problems. You are right — smoke and mirrors. They all make it sound so good going in. If you don’t know what’s going on, the marketing pro’s will make you think that if you don’t join you’ll be missing out on the greatest thing since sliced bread. And the good ones will convince you that the sooner you start investing in your future (by joining them), the sooner you will be on the road to riches, financial freedom, that dream home or car or vacation… Those who are successful in marketing are VERY good at doin what they do and that is convincing others to join up, and once they join, continue to stay in, buy the motivational junk, leads, etc.