And remember, that is what is true for you, not for others

November 9, 2016 no comments Posted in marketing, money

You’ve missed the point from the start: YOU ARE GENERALIZING and people do things for many different reasons. You know SOME of the reasons you were addicted, but from what you say, that does not mean you know ALL the reasons you were addicted.

That’s one simple way of explaining it for some people, but not for everyone.

Now I know I’ve not seen the whole cross-section of these forum, but you’re saying countless people describe themselves that way, but you’re ignoring that many people do not. You’re talking about ONE GROUP of people in MLMs, not ALL GROUPS and not ALL PEOPLE.

Steve, I’m not in an MLM, have never been, at least officially (I was associated with a few guys in Amway back in college for a bout a week, then decided I just wasn’t excited about any of it). I have nothing to lose if you’re right and guess what — YOU’RE WRONG.

You are saying that because it caused a reaction, it means it hit close to the bone.